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We love golf, plain and simple!
Introducing our new Annual Golf Guide for the entire state of Oregon — appropriately named The Oregon Golf Guide. 
I was a young adult by the time I started to play golf. In fact, our Editor in Chief was the one that got me seriously interested in the sport when we lived in Arizona back in the 90’s! Although my dad did take me once … once! Now, all grown up and a member of to the Grants Pass Golf Club, I wanted to share that experience — and know what the other courses in our state were like. Then bring all those experiences to everyone through colorful golf reviews and stories. Oregon Golf Guide will cover everything from pro tips, new products, reviews, golf stories, and our beautiful courses here in Oregon. In every town! 
OGG — as we call it — will premiere in Q.2 2023 as a separately printed publication that will be distributed FREE across the state of Oregon at golf courses and places like hotels, casinos, fine dining, resorts, and more. 
Advertisers can choose from running just a regular advertisement, or what we like to call an “Advertorial.” Which essentially is a Product Showcase, Business Spotlight, or Featured Service with a FREE ad incentive for each. We wanted to add this service to allow courses to write their own stories and/or recommendations for our readers when visiting their courses.